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10 simple ways to repair damaged hair via personalized healthcare

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10 simple ways to repair damaged hair : When it comes to beauty, it’s not all face it consists of your beautiful strands of hair too. Healthy hair is what everyone aims for. No matter what your hair size or type is, under personalized healthcare, it’s important to maintain a hair care routine to make sure your hair doesn’t go limp and life less.  Sometimes your hair turns dry and damaged due to pollution or no proper care. Damaged hair is the worst nightmare of everyone. Even if you have Rapunzel hair but it’s damaged, you better jump to pixie haircuts. Having short but healthy hair is better than having long and limp hair.

Here are some tips for how to repair damaged hair via personalized healthcare:-

1. Trim the damaged ends

This may sound heart breaking but it is the best way to ensure your “already” hair is as healthy as your “new” (growing) hair. Trim the ends of your hair once in three months. It will ensure that when the hair grows longer, it doesn’t grow from damaged ends, rather a more nourished form.

2. Avoid heating tools

These include blow dryers too. Too much exposure to styling tools tends to weaken the hair strands by draining the moisture and natural shine from them. Go for air drying than using blow dryers.

Avoiding heating tools as it can damage your hair.

3. Use essential oils

It’s important to moisturize your hair and scalp to keep them hydrated. But for damaged hair just hair oil doesn’t work. You need to add some drops if essential oils to them. Essential oils are concentrated with a pleasant aroma to them. There are aside array of essential oils for different hair problems to choose from.

4. Condition your hair well

After shampooing make sure you condition well. Pay extra attention to the hair ends than the scalp. Use some extra pumps to moisturize the ends. Pay attention to the hair than the scalp when conditioning.

Conditioning your hair after shampooing is very important.

5. Eat a protein rich diet

The input on the hair is as important as what the hair gets from the body. Make sure you eat a clean diet. Under personalized healthcare, Protein rich diets are good for hair as they strengthen the hair follicles as well as promote hair growth.

6. Change your hair products

The input on the hair is as important as what the hair gets from the body. Make sure you eat a clean diet. Protein rich diets are good for hair as they strengthen the hair follicles as well as promote hair growth.

Your hair is literally the crown for your head.

7. Avoid coloring or bleaching your hair

If you have damaged hair avoid bleaching or coloring it. This might damage your hair more. The ammonia and other harmful chemicals in the hair colors make the hair weak leading to breakage making hair fall a major problem.

8. Use hair masks

Besides oiling, shampooing and conditioning it’s important to use hair masks too. Apply a hair mask once a week. Use a hair mask according to your problems or hair type. If you have dry limp hair go for keratin hair masks. If you have dandruff go for lemon and tea-tree oil mask.

9. Use serum after washing your hair

Once you are done with your shampooing and conditioning make sure you apply serum to your damp hair. It not only gives a shine and less frizz but also returns the hair the moisture that may have been removed due to excess shampooing.

10. Use heat protection

Use heat protection serum or sprays not only before using heated styling tools but also when you head out in sun. The harmful ultra violet rays are not only harmful for your skin but your hair too. A good heat protection mist or serum is like  a sunscreen to your hair.
These simple steps under personalized healthcare will help to repair your damaged hair. Using this as a dedicated routine will ensure you get healthy hair.

We truly hope you found this article helpful. To know more, you can always visit our website or book a preventive healthcare consultation session to get personalized and preventive healthcare solutions to your problems.

  1. Can hair grow back after damaged?

    Chemically damaged hair can be repaired, if you nourish your hair well on a regular basis and take care of it.

  2. What unhealthy hair looks like?

     Damaged hair has a brittle, straw-like appearance. The hair shaft is fragile and prone to breakage, resulting in split ends and stray, unruly hairs. It will feel stiff and “crunch” upon touch with little movement.

  3. What does highly stressed hair look like?

    Telogen effluvium (stress-induced hair loss) usually causes diffuse thinning, a type of hair loss that affects your entire scalp.

  4. How long does it take to repair damaged hair?

    Using products that are designed to nourish the scalp and hair can definitely speed up this process, but on average you'd be looking at six months to a year to fully see a difference in your hair's condition.

  5. Is coconut oil for hair?

    In addition to being good for your scalp, coconut oil also moisturizes your hair. Since it's easily absorbed, it works better than other oils at repairing dry hair.

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