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10 amazing reasons to use shea butter

What sets Shea butter apart from usual butter is the presence of essential nutrients, vitamins and its amazing uses. Extracted from the nut of shea tree, this butter is a kind of fatty oil which gets quickly absorbed into in the skin. Unlike the normal butter, this has healing properties for skin, hair and overall health. Here we bring to you 10 superb reasons to include Shea butter in your daily beauty regimen:

  1.    Super moisturizing agent

Shea butter locks in skin moisture and keeps skin fabulously hydrated for a long time. With its fat content, shea butter moisturizes the dry and rough parts of skin. Use this to cure dry cuticles, cracked heels and hard patches of skin. She butter penetrates deep inside skin without clogging pores. It is an excellent known remedy for winters.

  1.    Reduces skin inflammation

If you suffer with rosacea, a condition with redness or itchy patch on cheeks, apply shea butter. Laden with anti-inflammatory properties, this can reduce inflammation in skin including conditions like rashes, sunburns, cuts or dermatitis.

  1.    Works wonderfully on acne and blemishes

Who thinks of applying oil or butter on acne, especially when you have oily skin? Well, shea butter is different and definitely worth giving a try because of the great healing property it possesses. The presence of fatty acids and plant sterols like linolenic & stearic acid, make them safe as they do not convert into alkaline on coming in contact with soap. Use generously on problems areas like insect bites, acne, blemishes, frost bites or tanning.

  1.    Anti aging

This one is our favorite. Skin starts ageing because of loss of collagen that cause wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. Shea butter stimulates the production of collagen in skin to reverse those signs that you dread. Vitamin A and E help keep your skin nourished and supple. It promotes cell renewal, prevents wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin F maintains the elasticity and firmness of skin. Several beauty creams come laden with shea butter to maximize the benefits of anti-aging.   

  1.    Reduces skin irritation and bumps

Using razor on skin may lead to irritation, bumps, dryness and itchiness. Shea butter effectively moisturizes and soothes the irritated skin without causing any burning sensation. We’d advise you to apply shea butter a night before your use razor. This will make shaving easy and never cause skin irritation or itchiness.   

  1.    No more stretch marks

Pregnancy and weight loss, weight bring in stretch marks which are difficult to get rid of. But not anymore! Shea butter with its excellent hydrating and moisturizing goodness, lightens stretch marks, improves collagen production and restore the natural elasticity of skin. You can massage daily on the affected areas for faster results.  

  1.    Repairs damaged hair

Not only skin, but shea butter works well on hair as well. Your hair is prone to damage due to several factors like pollution, chemicals, straightening, styling which take away the natural oil or moisture from your head. Shea butter aids in restoring the lost moisture and protects from sun damage, chemicals and heat. You can massage melted butter at room temperature on your head and wash with mild shampoo to repair damaged hair.
      8.   Soothes itchy or dry scalp
Dry scalp irritates and itches. It is also a breeding ground for dandruff and flaky skin. Shea butter is enriched with fat content that gets absorbed on the scalp without clogging pores or greasy residue. The anti-inflammatory characteristic helps in getting rid of irritation. Massage on head and wash with shampoo to treat dry scalp.

  1.    Prevents hair loss

Losing few strands of hair daily is a common condition for everyone. But when the hairfall crosses a limit, it makes bald patches or thins your hair. Use shea butter to nourish your scalp, control hair fall and strengthen your hair follicles. Also, your hair’s natural shine would also be restored within some time.

  1.   Perfect UV protection

Cinnamic acid found in shea butter has good UV protection and little SPF too. Though it is not advised to use shea butter alone as a sunscreen, you might as well use it on skin after sun exposure to cure tanning and soothe skin.

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