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Wonder remedies to nuture your lustrous locks!

Hair fall is one of the most common problems not just for women but even for men. Abnormal hair fall, thinning of your thick hair and premature baldness have become common in women and men, both. Here are some of the most prominent reasons for hair fall.

  • Hormonal changes: With time a number of changes take place within your body’s internal and external environment. Hormonal changes are one of the most important and unavoidable conditions that an individual has to go through during their lifetime. Hormonal changes have a direct impact on your mood and health, which even includes your hair health. It can also lead to abnormal hair fall.
  • Genetic formulation: This is particularly true for men; baldness is a genetic disorder and mostly occurs in men. Even women suffer from genetic baldness; however such cases are less in number.
  • Skin ailments: If you are prone to certain skin ailments it may reflect in hair loss and subsequent hair issues. When your scalp gets affected, the hair follicles loosen up causing hair fall.
  • Excessive use of hair products: Excessive hair styling may heavily damage your hair. Essential natural oil is ripped apart from your hair with these cosmetic products which have a very high chemical content.

The unhealthy scalp is primarily responsible for hair fall. There are a number of reasons which can deteriorate your scalp health, resulting in loose hair follicles which easily break off at simple strokes while combing, hair washing or usually during the day. Dry and dull hair is a warning sign of damaged hair and the more you leave it untreated the more damage it does to your hair. The natural shine of the hair is lost due to damaging factors making the hair look dry and dull. However, the condition could be retrieved by the use of a number of effective home remedies.

Wonder Home Remedies For Healthy Hair

Home remedies are the most effective and side-effect free solution for your damaged hair. Let’s take a few effective home remedies that can restore your hair health and bring back the shine.coconut oilCoconut oil is a very potent remedy for dry and damaged hair. It easily nourishes your hair and infuses life in them. Take some coconut oil and warm it to gentle temperature. Then massage it all over your scalp in circular movements.
Mild warm oil when massaged all over your scalp it promotes smooth and easy blood circulation. This is very important to repair your damaged follicles and nourish your hair. Head massage with warm oil is also one of the ancient techniques which were practiced for calming nerves, facilitate blood circulation through gentle massage technique and thereby help in restoring your hair health and also helps you in growing long hair. This ancient technique is relevant even today and widely practiced throughout different nations across the globe. Coconut oil is a rich source of hair nourishment; especially when warm its properties are far more active and can reach deeper to its roots to nourish them.

  • Freshly extracted juice of onions is very helpful in controlling hair fall. Onion is known as a rich source of sulfur which increases collagen production and thereby boosts hair growth. It also controls hair fall to a significant extent.
  • Hibiscus flower can also control hair fall. Take a few hibiscus flowers and crush and mix them with coconut oil. Apply all over your scalp while massaging. Allow your scalp to absorb the oil overnight. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo the next day.
  • egg whiteYou can also use one egg white with one teaspoon of olive oil for controlling hair fall.

All you need to restore your hair health is some time to spare and a carefully chalked out hair care regimen. The damage done to your tresses can be effectively undone with these effective home remedies. Most interesting part of the home remedies is that they come with no side-effects. The home remedies to grow hair are very effective and are also easy to use. The effectiveness is widely believed to be much more than cosmetic products. So make some minor changes in your lifestyle and use these home remedies for the best of results and experience the change. You will have more reasons to love your mane than ever.

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