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Why you should oil your hair regularly for personalized healthcare?

Oiling Haircare personalized healthcare

When it comes to haircare you can’t miss on oiling. Oiling is a crucial step in any hair care routine. Since you were tot, you have heard about how you should oil your hair. Let me tell you, that’s right! Your hair needs oiling. Oiling helps the hair to get important nutrients that help in growth and nourish your hair. It helps in hair growth and repairs damaged hair. A hot oil massage once a week, is enough to ensure the scalp has a steady blood circulation. Most people don’t actually know how to oil. Sounds weird, right! Well, your hair strands don’t need oil, your hair shaft needs. You need to massage your scalp and not apply oil to your hair. Most people don’t have oil because their hair becomes heavy and sticky. No matter what hair type you have, oiling is a must as part of personalized healthcare. If you have an oily scalp, use a cream-based oil or a light oil that’s not sticky.
Some of the best oils in the market today are:-

  • Pantene Oil Replacement

This is a new addition to the personalized healthcare haircare range, you need to have. It is a cream with the benefits of oil! It’s not sticky and light. If you have oily hair, it’s perfect for you. It doesn’t have any fragrances. It comes in a travel-friendly tube. You can even use it as a leave-in conditioner after shampooing.

  • Parachute Pure Coconut Oil
Coconut oil forever!

Coconut is the only oil that’ll suit all hair types. Parachute is made of 100% coconut oil. It improves the texture of your hair and at the same time, it nourishes. Warm a little parachute coconut oil and give your hair a good massage. Next morning when you shampoo, you’ll notice how different your hair feels. Coconut oil forever!

  • Cenizas cold-pressed 100% Castor Oil
Nourishes your hair perfectly.

Castor oil is known for its healing properties. It is rich in fatty acids, allowing it to nourish your hair perfectly. It has essential vitamins that help in maintaining the hydration of the scalp. The best characteristic of cold-pressed oil is, that it easily gets absorbed.

  • Khadi Shikakai Oil

This oil is rich with shikakai extracts making it very good for personalized healthcare and maintaining beautiful and shiny hair. It promotes hair growth better than anything else. It also helps in fighting dandruff.

  • Biotique Bio-Therapeutic Oil
Therapeutic oil for rescue.

This oil has Amla and Bhringraj along with a balanced quantity of coconut oil. This is many oils, in one. It has goat milk which is effective for treating any type of hair loss problem. Instead of so much this oil is light in texture and has a mild fragrance.

  • St Botanica Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil has a major case of protecting hair from sun damage. It is very nourishing and makes the hair smooth and shiny. It deeply conditions the scalp. It strengthens your hair and moisturizes it as well.
Oiling is very important for personalized healthcare of your hair. It is one of the basic steps that one should follow to have healthy hair. No matter what your hair or scalp type is, oiling your hair once or twice a week depending on your length of hair is necessary.
(Disclaimer:- This is not sponsored by Amazon. This is clearly based on research on customer reviews and ratings.)

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