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Top 7 personalized movies to watch during the lockdown in 2020

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These days we all are hearing a lot about the end of the world, coronavirus, its spread, deaths due to coronavirus, and what not?  This is definitely a tough time for all of us but we need to be positive and stay strong. We know spending your entire day in your home is not fun and it really leads to boredom. But you know what, you still can enjoy a lot of things at home and can turn these boring days of lockdown into fun. How? There is a lot to do and watching these movies personalized to your taste during the lockdown, is one such activity.

To know how you can make the best use of these days during lockdown check out this blog for personalized healthcare. So, now let me suggest the best movies to be watched during the lockdown, these are as follows

1. Panga

An inspirational movie for many, especially women who are looking to get back to their careers.

Panga is a real-life story of a national-level Kabbadi player from India. It is really a pleasure to watch how a working mother sets out to recapture her former glory. It is a story of struggle, triumphs, and overcoming stereotypes. It shows how blissful it is to have a supportive family. It inspires every woman to follow their dreams and never give up no matter what. 

2. Mary Kom

Yet another story of how lives can be turned around with just determination

The movie is a biopic of Indian Boxer Mary Kom who struggled a lot before becoming a Boxing star. It depicts the hardships of people from a small town, sportspersons, and girls in Indian society. This movie will bind you to the screen till the end and will embark a sense of grit and passion inside you.

3. Neerja

In the end, no caste, creed, or religious matters, only humanity is important.

Neerja is a very inspirational movie and perfectly depicts the eerie, gloomy, and tense atmosphere that passengers feel during a hijack. It is a biopic of braveheart Neerja Bhanot who sacrificed her life saving three innocent children. It is a perfect film in all aspects and you should definitely watch it with your family. 

4. Super 30

that determination can help you bring about a revolution.

This is my personal favorite and I would recommend you to watch this movie during this lockdown. The film is based on the true story of Anand Kumar, a tutor who started free coaching for poor students in Bihar in the mid-90s. This movie highlights the problems faced by poor students and the fraud carried out by the coaching institutes in the name of education.

5. Chhapaak

 Your attitude can help you turn around any biggest incident of your life.

It is a real-life story of the acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal who is known for her campaign, “Stop Acid Sale”. Chhapaak is a ‘Chhaapak’ is a sensitive yet engaging film with a powerful social message. It is a story that urges us to raise our voices against the violence against women. Deepika’s performance as Malti also leaves the audience in awe. 

6. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

 A story of determination and will.

It is a very energetic and motivational film that is considered one of the best sports movies in the Indian film industry. This is a true story of the world champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh who had a rough childhood. It is a story about how he overcame the massacre of his family and the civil war during the India-Pakistan partition. It is a tribute to every family who lost their loved ones and suffered a lot during the partition in 1947.

7. Paan Singh Tomar

Soldier, athlete to dacoit – a journey.

It is a biopic of an Indian soldier, athlete, and baaghi. It is a struggle of an Indian athlete who despite winning gold medals at the Indian National Games seven times in a row leads a miserable life. Paan Singh Tomar gave up his dreams and became a dacoit when his mother was murdered and the police didn’t take any action. This is really a great movie and is worth your time.


So, these are some of the best Bollywood movies that you can watch during this lockdown. These movies are a great time pass and will not let you feel alone or isolated. Apart from watching movies, there are other personalized healthcare activities too, you can practice yoga and meditation, you can cook for your family, learn new things, indulge in an online course, etc. 

This is a really tough time for the entire world and it is imperative that we follow all the preventive measures and abide by the instructions of our PM and stay at home. Stay home, Stay Safe, and may we all fight this disease with flying colors. Enjoy this list of inspirational movies to watch during the lockdown also check out our blog for personalized healthcare packages

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