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Boosting vitamin D levels by sunbathing & diet under personalized lifestyle

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Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins in the human body. It is generated by the body from cholesterol when our skin is in direct contact with sunlight. Vitamin D can also be obtained by consuming food such as fatty fish, dairy products, and more. It is essential for the body and require it for the normal functioning. Vitamin D deficiency is very common so people do not pay much heed to it but there can be severe consequences of its deficiency. The symptoms of it is also very subtle and hence are difficult to understand, these include- getting sick very often, fatigue and tiredness, muscle pain, bone deficiency, hair loss, etc. Sounds scary right? Don’t worry, throughout this article, we will give you 3 of the best personalized methods to increase your vitamin D levels. From sunbathing to taking diet packages to increase Vitamin D, we will cover them all for you, so that you can get a personalized healthcare.

Eating food rich in Vitamin D

One of the easiest methods to increase Vitamin d in the body is by consuming some food items which are rich in this vitamin. One of the best ways to top up their vitamin D levels is fatty fish, this includes tuna, mackerel, salmon, and a host of other fatty fishes that are commonly found in the markets. There are also some vegetarian food options which have a lot of vitamin D, this includes cheese, milk, and other milk products. Having these food items will surely help you get an adequate amount of Vitamin D for the proper functioning of the body. To order some of the best quality grocery and poultry use big basket

Fish is one of the great methods to increase vitamin D

Sunbathing and exposure to the Sun

One of the easiest ways to increase your vitamin D is sunbathing or going for a stroll out on a sunny day. We all have been taught that the sun gives us vitamin D. The effect of the sun on our skin leads to a chemical reaction. In this chemical reaction, our body produces vitamin D from the cholesterol which is present in our body. So sunbathing will ensure that your body can manufacture enough vitamin D to meet the levels required by your body. It stands out to be the cheapest method as sun rays are available for essentially free. To know more about the correct method of sunbathing see this article on Aanya wellness on personalized healthcare.

Take a sunbath and solve your Vitamin D problem

Diet packages to increase Vitamin D and other supplements

In most cases, individuals can get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D from the different food items and sunlight. However, in some extreme cases, it becomes imperative to resort to supplements and diet packages to increase vitamin D. This method is usually used when the deficiency of vitamin D is seriously low. These diet packages and supplements can be easily found in local medical stores and online shops such as Healthkart

There are vitamin D tablets to help you with the deficiency

We hope we were able to help you understand a bit more about vitamin D through this article. If the methods mentioned above are followed then you’ll be able to maintain a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. So don’t wait anymore and go on out for a sunbathing session or go online and get our supplement. Other than these, if you want to get personalized healthcare solutions, you can a book a consultation session at Aanya Wellness on preventive healthcare, we would be very happy to help you out.

  1. For how long should you be sunbathing?

    It depends from person to person as well as the strength of the sunlight. On average a sunbathing session should be about 30 minutes long and should not be under heavy sunlight as it might cause dehydration or a heat stroke.

  2. Are diet packages for vitamin D safe to consume?

    Diet packages for vitamin D are safe to consume. Supplements and pills which have vitamin D however should be taken only on the advice of a doctor and in recommended safe doses.

  3. When should one take a shower after sunbathing?

    It depends on personal choice. Taking a bath after sunbathing does not affect your sunbathing session in any way. According to my idea, hit the showers about 15 minutes after you are done with your sunbathing session.

  4. Where and when should one be taking a sunbath?

    Generally sunbathing should be done in open spaces where one can be directly under the sun. Also, one should keep in mind not be sunbathing in areas which have temperatures of more than 25 degrees to as to prevent sunburn.

  5. Is there a suitable temperature for sunbathing?

    The most suitable sunbathing temperature is between 88° F to 90° F. It is the perfect temperature that will motivate you to take a sunbath.

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