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7 things in our surroundings that can help us sleep better via personalized healthcare

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Having a sound sleep at night after the helter-skelter of the day is very important for our health. There is no substitute for good and adequate sleep to stay healthy and active. Many successful people believe that it is very necessary to get sound sleep to perform well in both professional and personal life. However, not everybody is fortunate enough to get a good night sleep. There are many people who struggle with problems such as sleeplessness due to stress, tension, and bad sleeping habits. So, today we are going to tell you about the 7 things in our surroundings that can help us sleep better through personalized healthcare medium: 

1. Meditate for good sleep

If you face trouble sleeping well then you can get good sleep by mediation. Meditation can prove to be an effective way to get sound sleep. Meditation, if performed regularly may help you in reducing stress and anxiety and you can get rid of the problems that cause the disturbance in your sleep. It will provide relaxation to your mind. Moreover, it can help prevent you from intense dreaming and sleep disruptions.

2. Listen to the music

Sleeping while listening to music is sometimes better for good sleep. Many times, music is used as a therapy for sound sleep. Music is often used to treat insomnia. There are many people who already listen to soft music for good sleep. However, one needs to be cautious while listening to music during bedtime. Don’t wear earbuds or headphones to bed as they can be uncomfortable, and if you roll over wearing earbuds, you could hurt your ear canal.

Know the benefits of sleeping

3. Deep breathing 

Deep breathing exercises can help you get a good night sleep by pacifying your mind. When you breathe through the chest, it is called shallow breathing while abdominal breathing is considered as deep breathing. Lie down with both your hands on the stomach and take a deep breath into your lower belly and feel your abdomen expand with air. Hold this for a few seconds and then release. Feel your belly rising and falling, and the air coming in and out a few times.

4. Impact of light 

You might not believe it but the light has a major impact on our sleep. Use dim red light for a night light. Clinical studies reveal that red light helps you sleep better. Red light is considered ideal for evenings because it has a low color temperature. Use bright light during the day time. It makes you feel energetic, but when it comes to relaxing or sleeping, according to research on personalized healthcare it would be better to use a red light or smart light for a good sleep.

5. Take a bath

Having a bath at night is also a major part of the 7 things in our surroundings that can help us sleep better. Bathing with lukewarm water before going to sleep at night is beneficial to a great extent. Bathing with lukewarm water provides calmness to your body and mind. It also lowers your body temperature, which makes you sleepy. However, it is important to take the bath at the right time or else this remedy will not work. According to research on personalized healthcare, if you take a bath 1-2 hours before bedtime, then you will be able to sleep well.

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6. Use of lavender oil

Are you tired of counting sheep? Then use essential oils, there are many essential oils that can help you get good sleep and lavender is one among them. Research suggests that the scent of lavender helps to ease anxiety and insomnia. There are plenty of lavender aromatherapy products that can help you relax and get a good night’s sleep. You can also use diffusers to diffuse lavender oil in the air. This can help the scent of lavender spread in the room, which will further offer you a sense of relaxation and calmness and help you in getting good sleep. 

7. Keep distance from caffeine

It is believed that consuming caffeine can interfere with your sleep. If you have a habit of having tea or coffee at night, then kick this habit today. Caffeine intake at night can be harmful. Consumption of excess amount of caffeine should be avoided not only at night but also during the day as it can affect your nervous system. One should always caffeine in moderation to sleep better at night. Avoiding this habit is also a part of the 7 things in our surroundings that can help us sleep better

An adult should sleep for 7-8 hours

5 tips to sleep well

  • Get used to getting up early every day. When you wake up early in the morning, you will sleep on time at night.
  • Focus on room temperature as well. If the room is too cold on hot days and hot during the summer days, then it can cause you trouble sleeping.
  • If you want a good night’s sleep, then avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol. Long-term consumption can disrupt your sleep.
  • Make a schedule for your bedtime, it can also help you get better sleep.
  • If you want to have good sleep, stay away from the phone and TV after getting in bed. Keep it dark in the sleeping room.

So, the above-mentioned things are the 7 things in our surroundings that can help us sleep better. The best thing you can do for better sleep is to set a time of sleep and try to follow it always. Our body is not used to digest food and sleep at the same time. Therefore, it is right to ensure that you eat the right amount of food at the right time. The ideal sleeping environment should not be too cold nor hot, and it should be dark and quiet. Other than these to get a personalized solution to your problem, you can also book a consultation session at Aanya Wellness to get personalized and preventive healthcare solutions with ease.

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