Phubbing : What’s that ?

The internet describes phubbing as the practice of ignoring one’s companion (s)in order to pay attention to one’s phone/ other mobile devices. Basically, all those times your friends snubbed you in the middle of a conversation, to check the new popped up notifications because they thought it completely okay to do so…that’s phubbing.

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, phubbing is an invented word (combining the words ‘phone’ and ‘snubbing’). It is too useful for a word to be ignored. We can’t agree more! It’s high time people are called out for being socially rude! If you don’t want to be a follower of the practice of phubbing of them, here are a few ways to quit!

Keep that phone aside!

Believe us, this isn’t the hardest thing to do in the world. If the friends you’ve been texting all day are right there sitting in front of you, you barely have a reason to phub anymore. Try this Pinterest-adapted trick of stacking up your phones on the table, with the screens facing downwards. The first one to check their phone pays the bill! Win-win.

Get rid of phubbing by keeping your phone aside!

Keep your phone aside!

Disable notifications

Or if putting your phone away is difficult, change your notification settings to priority. You will no longer be bothered about friends posting their new Instagram worthy story for the first time. Only have priority notifications popping up. You could also go cold turkey and enable the silent mode. The world will still not end.

Stay away from notifications on your phone!

Turn off those notifications on your phone!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Ditch the power bank

This ought to keep you in check because without a backup charger, you’ll automatically be inclined towards using your battery sparingly. Although, if you’re still tempted to fidget with your phone, then the struggle to find a charger that matches your phone ought to teach you a lesson on phubbing.

Give yourself a reality check

Lastly, consciously give yourself a reality check. Are you wasting your quality time on pointless scrolls-through your phone?  Do you really see yourself as one of those kids falling prey to the Internet when you’re in the company of such real people? If you ever wondered whatever happened to deep and meaningful conversations with your best friends—here’s what happened! Phubbing.

Sit down a make a list of things you actually need to do instead of checking your phone

A reality check wakes you up super fast!

Now that you know what phubbing is, we suggest that you add phubbing to your urban dictionary lingo as soon as possible! And try to NOT follow phubbing with your peers follow it! Phubbing is good sometimes, not always.

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