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Natural methods for weight loss by diet and to have a sunbathing figure

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Weight loss can become extremely difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. Except for working out one also needs to follow a good diet to be able to achieve the body of their dreams. Follow our advice and you will no longer be shy to flaunt your body while sunbathing or on an outing to the beach. As weight loss by diet is a popular method followed all over the world, thus it has a large appeal in the present. Choosing the best diet for you becomes a painful process but don’t worry, we are here to break down some of the most popular diets and how good or bad they might be for you. So hop on this journey of discovering the most natural and suitable diet for you with us guiding you through it of course.

The Caloric Deficit diet

This is the simplest diet that we have on this list and it is a beginner’s Holy Grail. The diet is based on the basic rule which governs all diets, which is calories out > calories in. This means that the calories used up by a person have to be greater than the calories taken in. This diet requires a person to consume fewer calories than their maintenance calories. Maintenance calories are the number of calories which is required by a person to maintain their current weight. To find out one’s maintenance calories one can just go on to one of the numerous calorie counters available online. When your body is in a caloric deficit it uses up the extra calories that it needs for its functioning from the fats that are stored in the body. Use this calorie counter to understand your maintenance calorie.

Caloric deficit diet for weight loss

The Paleo Diet

This diet tries to resemble what the early humans used to first eat. It requires certain sacrifices in terms of the food that the people eat. This diet essentially has low carbs but is high in meat and other foods that are obtained from animals. Also this diet requires individuals to not have any processed food i.e., which contains artificial substances. Foods such as candy, soft drinks, desserts, and other sugary substances. This diet doesn’t allow you to have any form of dairy, grains, vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, soybean oil, and the entire lot. All processed food such as pizza, pasta, burger (the three horsemen of unhealthy food), and artificial sweeteners are a big no. The food that you can include- all forms of meat such as chicken, mutton, pork, and others. Seafood is one such item that is heavily consumed while in the paleo diet. Other natural food items that are allowed include fruits, nuts and other sources of healthy fats. This diet has shown considerable results. It is one of the newer weight loss by diet programs which is gaining popularity in the world. To buy some of the freshest fruits go on to Big basket.

Paleo diet for losing weight

Intermittent Fasting

Along with maintaining the rules of a calorific diet this diet also requires the person to fast for some time. The person on intermittent fasting divides their day into two periods. They fast for 16 hours during the day and eat for 8 hours. Some modifications of this diet also include fasting for more than 16 hours. This increases the HGH levels of the body which is the growth hormone and this allows in increased breakdown of fat in the body. The longer you fast the higher the buildup of the HGH is and the more predominant your results are. This is one of the quicker methods to lose weight. One of the advantages of this diet is that not only does it cut down on your fats but also allows the body to naturally build up more lean muscle mass. Following this diet will allow you to have a body where you are no longer shy to go for sunbathing or a dip in the pool. Read this article on Intermittent fasting for more information on this diet plan.

Weight loss for sunbathing

These were a few of the most well-known and effective as well as natural weight loss by diet programs. These are used by people all around the world and now you have access to them too. Other than these you can also book a consultation session at Aanya Wellness on Preventive Healthcare, as it will provide you with personalized solutions from the best in this field through natural healing. We hope you found what you were looking for and can meet your weight loss goals and the sunbathing figure that you wanted. So what are you waiting for? Get your diet charts out and go on your weight loss journey.

  1. Should we exercise or try weight loss by diet?

    In the world of fitness exercise and diet go hand in hand. If one is exercising, they should also be following a diet plan as a good diet helps improve the results of the exercise. However, just starting dieting is a good way to start the weight loss journey.

  2. Which weight loss diet is the best?

    there is no possible way to define which weight loss diet is the best. All human bodies have a different composition and all diets have different results on different people. A person who is dieting has to look at their lifestyle choices and figure out which diet is best for them.

  3. What is the most difficult aspect of dieting?

    While people can start a diet relatively easily, the most difficult part of the diet is to continue it. Temptations tend to creep in and we generally tend to give in to these temptations which make maintaining a diet a difficult task. If we can manage our temptations weight loss by diet becomes an easy thing to do.

  4.  How to lose tummy fat for sunbathing

    There are many myths that abs exercise allows you to reduce belly fat but unfortunately it is not true. Spot fat reduction which is being able to reduce fat from a specific part of the body is not possible. Weight loss diets will remove fat from your entire body and will thus also reduce belly fat eventually which will let you achieve your sunbathing figure.

  5. What is the Keto diet?

    Keto diet is one of the toughest diets to execute. It requires a person to not eat more than 20 grams of carbohydrates in a day. This leads to the person having to consume large amounts of animal protein sources and fats. They cannot even eat any sugar or milk products. Eating such high levels of proteins causes them to have constipation and other dietary problems. It is also very expensive to maintain and thus is regarded as one of the most difficult weight loss by diet programs.

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