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Katori wax is better than threading!

Katori wax is better than threading: Katori wax is the cold wax inside a metal bowl which can be heated. It is used to remove hair from upper lips, side burns, chin and cheeks. It is a better solution of removing hair due to a variety of reasons. Use of threads can be painful for removing facial hair. Katori wax is a less painful method and it lasts longer.

Normal waxing causes a great deal of pain!

Katori wax can be done easily at homes and you can do it by yourself. You just need to heat the wax, apply it on the desired area, tap on it and let it cool. After the wax turns tight pull it off in the reverse direction to remove hair.

Katori wax is like normal wax, except it is done in a katori!

Waxing facial hair removes the hair from follicle level whereas threading cannot remove hair from the roots. With waxing hair growth is reduced. But in case of threading, growth can be anywhere between 15 – 20 days. While threading makes the hair that grows back harder, waxing uproots the shafts of the hair. So hair grows back smooth.

Threading effects don’t last as long as the effects of Katori wax. Katori waxing also allows for greater time for your time between salon visits or and home sessions. Over the time, waxing will aslo help damage the hair follicles. This will help in reduction of hair growth.  Extra points for that!
 Waxing facial hair is precise whereas other methods aren’t. Katori wax is economical and can even be done at home. So after knowing all the benefits of katori wax, choose it over threading and make your skin smooth and supple.

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