Joyscape Weekends



A perfect way to rejuvenate yourself in the lap of nature and in the company of some Hyggelig people, just like you! Joyscape weekends is an attempt of Keep It Hygge and Aanya wellness to surge the level of joy and happiness in your lives!

2 - 4 Dec 2022






Joyscape Weekends

A weekend that’s dedicated to you and your happiness, a weekend to relish your inner being, a weekend to reconnect with your soul, and a weekend that you want it to be. Joyscape weekends are a fun amalgamation of yoga, meditation, happiness, fun, and a lot more. Take a break from the hustle bustle of jammed city life, and have fun in the cradle of nature.

Why come to Joyscape weekend?

Connect with your senses

Art of gratitude

Happiness your choice

Managing our desires

Conversations with self

Introducing the torchbearers!

Aanya Wellness is an integrated preventive healthcare ecosystem based on natural healing to empower your being lead a healthier lifestyle.

Keep It Hygge is a platform to have conversations around happiness and wellbeing. Our curated events are perfect to meet new, interesting, happy people!
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En-route to the town of Kanakapura, Vanaa is a family managed 20 acre picturesque farmhouse filled with numerous varieties of flora and fauna. Vanaa is blessed with gift of nature with our old style cottage rooms having a beautiful backdrop of lush green lawns and old charming trees at every step.

Vanaa is the perfect quick getaway from Bangalore’s concrete hustle and bustle.

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