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Getting nutrients the natural way-sunbathing and increasing iron and calcium through diet

Nutrient diet

Nutrients and Minerals are the foundation of our lives. They are the soil that enriches our lives with a healthy body, a composed mind, and holistic development. The deficiency of even one nutrient can cause our bodies to not function properly. So it is always better to keep ourselves well enriched with all that our body needs to naturally heal. And the best source for all nutrients is nature and its produce.

Today we are going to talk about some of the most important nutrients and minerals that our body requires – Iron and Calcium, as well as Vitamin D. Increasing iron and calcium through diet, is the need of the hour, with more and more people becoming prey to health problems like Anemia and Osteoporosis. And as far as Vitamin D is concerned, the most effective natural source that we have for it is the sun, thus Sunbathing is the best option to refill our Vitamin D tanks.

So let us see why are Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D are important for your body

 Consuming enough doses of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins in your daily diet is very important. The foods that you consume not only affect the number of minerals that go into your body but also determine how well they are absorbed by your body and naturally heals

Iron performs some very important tasks in our body. 70% of the iron in the human body is found in Haemoglobin and Myoglobin. Hemoglobin is the element that transfers oxygen to the tissues from the lungs, while Myoglobin is found in muscles and is used for saving oxygen. 

Calcium, as we have learned since kindergarten, is mainly used in strengthening and growth of our bones and teeth. But along with that, it is also essential for the transmission of messages between the brain and any other body part through nerves.

Vitamin D has the role of naturally regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body to heal. It is required to keep the bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. Thus increasing iron and calcium through diet and Sunbathing for Vitamin D is very important.  

Foods that are rich in:  


  1.   Lentils and Beans
  2.   Green leafy vegetables like Spinach 
  3.   Dried fruits and Nuts 
  4.   Tofu
  5.   Fortified cereals
  6.   Quinoa 
  7.   Pumpkin seeds
  8.   Beef
  9.   Chicken liver
  10.   Fish 


  1.   Dairy products like milk and cheese
  2.   Products made out of fortified flour
  3.   Green leafy vegetables 
  4.   Soybean
  5.   Sardines 
  6.   Broccoli
  7.   Brussel sprouts 
  8.   Tofu
  9. Fortified cereals
Foods that increase calcium

Vitamin D

  1. Sunlight
  2. Red meat
  3. Liver 
  4. Egg Yolk
  5. Oily fish like Salmon and Sardines
  6. Fortified cereals
Different food which increases Vitamin D

We can see how the food items that contain the highest amounts of iron and calcium content, as well as Vitamin D, are very similar. This means consuming these products daily along with Sunbathing can help us to naturally heal by increasing iron and calcium throughout the diet. 


The Vedas described the sun as a symbol of light, as the power that gave life to plants, humans, and animals. Going out and getting some sun is often important for our bodily functions. One of the best ways of ensuring you have gotten enough sun for the day is by Sunbathing. 

Sunbathing is the process of sitting or lying down in the sun to let our bodies absorb the sunlight into it. The best time to engage in a sunbath is between 8 am to 5 pm. Over the years it has been seen as an effective way of keeping the heart healthy. However, excessive exposure to sunlight is bad for the human body, so while engaging in it, you need to be aware that beyond a point of time you have to stop Sunbathing so that it doesn’t get harmful.

The healthy duration for a sunbath 

As we know Sunbathing can get harmful if indulged in for long. So the health time duration for which a person can enjoy

 Sunbathing is 15- 20 minutes. A 15-minute duration is enough to accumulate all the Vitamin D that our bodies need to naturally heal. It’s always better to start with a short duration like 5 minutes so that your body gets accustomed to it.

Sunbathing for increasing Vitamin D

Benefits of Sunbathing

  1.   Sunbathing improves the texture of the skin.
  2.   Increases the amount of Vitamin D in the body.
  3.   It enhances the health of your hair.
  4.   It helps in weight loss.
  5.   Boosts the immune system.
  6.   Sunbathing helps babies grow tall.
  7.   It is also useful in unclogging blood vessels. 

As we can see, increasing iron and calcium through diet and natural healing with Vitamin D through Sunbathing is an essential part of living a long, healthy life. However, consuming the same incorrect amounts is also as important. While supplements and tablets might be useful, but, do you think that you are taking enough from what nature has got to offer? To strengthen the immune system and to naturally heal with ingredients like turmeric and various others. If you wondering how? Do not wait up, try our turmeric coffee that you include in your routine diet.

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