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Welcome to the heart of our Wellness Ecosystem. Here, we showcase the myriad benefits awaiting you when you join hands with us. Whether you’re a travel agency, a budding entrepreneur, a natural healing expert, or someone passionate about wellness, our platform opens doors to a world of possibilities. Explore how each channel partner can thrive within this holistic network.

Travel agency/Agent

Amplify your portfolio with wellness tourism packages, attracting health-conscious travelers seeking rejuvenation. Boost your revenue!


Embrace new income avenues by joining our Wellness Ecosystem. Tap into the thriving wellness tourism market, turning your passion into profit.


Say goodbye to the hassles of logistics and administrative tasks. With our Wellness Ecosystem, you can fully immerse yourself in crafting enriching healing experiences for your clients.


Harness your passion for wellness into a rewarding venture. Join our Ecosystem to explore unique opportunities and contribute to the growing world of holistic well-being.

Experience wellness tourism

Why wellness Tourism?

Start your wellness journey today and experience travel that heals.

Wellness tourism is your gateway to a rejuvenated world. In a fast-paced life, it offers a sanctuary of balance. It’s important because it transcends travel; it’s a holistic journey. It renews your spirit, nourishes your body, and calms your mind. It’s an investment in your well-being, a chance to explore, heal, and connect. Experience the vitality of wellness tourism and transform your life, one trip at a time.

Explore 200+

wellness centres pan India across different geographies.


At Aanya Wellness, discover a vast spectrum of well-being. With centers in 10+ Indian cities, we offer diverse landscapes – beaches, hills, valleys, and forests.

Our services span 5 modalities: Ayurveda, Yoga, Diet, Naturopathy, and Mental Health, personalized for individuals or groups. Experience turnkey solutions for a transformative wellness journey.

Potli Massage
Foot reflexology

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