Create to express

Art & Coffee

Cherish the ecstatic release of emotions on the canvas, while you satiate your being with every sip of coffee.

Join us on Saturday, Jan 28th, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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Art and Coffee!

Celebrate your emotions differently this time! Make your promises with your being come alive on the canvas, and preserve them for the lifelong.

Make this year happening and an experience to cherish for the life.

Express your being, release your emotions, and relish a cup of hot coffee!

Take aways!


Freedom of expression

Emotional Release

Do it yourself!

Attract your tribe

Explore your being!

Our Facilitator

Reena Sabet Dahiya

A true cosmopolitan with absolute artistic bent of mind. Father an Irani Bahai, mother a Punjabi and then married to a Jat; there can’t be a better blend of cultures than this. A qualified Graphic Designer from Govt College of Arts, Chandigarh who has been carving her way ahead in designing domain from an employee with ITL (International Tractors Ltd) to a successful entrepreneur today, serving multiple MNCs and domestic brands. 

She has helped multiple brands from the stage of inception to large scale expansions across India/abroad; with their campaigns, branding and all other marketing/advertising needs. Her vast knowledge about history, art, and other subjects, in addition to hands-on experience adds to her prowess on colour themes, befitting combinations, and designing theories.

Recently she has been awarded Woman of Excellence Award 2022, and Woman 5000 Business Awards.

In-person event

Express your emotions & the canvas come to life!

Start 2023 with a high on your being!

Join us on Saturday, Jan 28th, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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